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There is no need in a complex 3D-editor for modeling simple objects, so we don’t need hundreds of modificators and buttons on screen. Ideally, we can use only 3-4 instruments. Here are some formulated requirements, without texturing issues. If you have seen any useful features in other editors, please give us an advice.

First, we have to create axises to align transformations.

Building a form of the object. When we draw a line or simple geometric form, we have to see its size. At the beginnings lines go along axises. An equilateral form is marked by dotted line.

You can alse select and фчекгву the surface. New surface is parallel with parent one.

Lines and edges under cursor highlight their centers.

Line dividing the surface is parallel with neighbour lines, and it is perpendicular to a parent line, or it is snapped to dot. Snapping also uses 90, 45 and 30 degrees angles.

You can select surfaces, edges’ lines and dots. When you move them, the editor takes into account exises and neighbour edges. Move mode also has snapped auto-weld function.

Of course, multiple dots-edges-surfaces may be selected.

Extruding creates new surfaces. They can be scaled relatively to its center or any edges. At this pic it is scaling around bottom right.

Divideing surfaces is avaliable too. Dividing line is drawn right on the surface.

Some neighbor surfaces are extruding relatively to their common normal. If they don’t have common edges – each edge extrudes along its own normal.

Surface or line can be copied and pasted.

Lines and dots can be extruded too – they form a surface (triangle or quad).

To avoid intersection extruding “inside” function may form through embrasure when needed.

Of course, we have an automatic quads-triangles surface dividing.

The main thing in simple 3D-editors is good snap and align functions.

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  1. Я то понял, а кто без РУ-расскладки? You can alse select and фчекгву (точнее — учекгву) ;) the surface
    sorry, sometimes I happened to be so придирчив… anyway, good luck! and keep on!

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