As you probably know, interface is one of the important parts that let user interact with the system. Here is a small demo, a working example ouf our GUI library, which is being developed for “Alterernativa Platform”.


Size: 0,56 Mb

Main features:

  • fast and useful windows-based interface system;
  • working “hotkeys” , Tab support;
  • easy-to-develop “skins” with “on the fly skins switching” (including cursor);
  • fast builder, full control of window components;
  • all other base windows-based interface functions (snap, drag’n’drop, resize etc.);
  • smooth ability to revision and add functionality.

7 thoughts on “GUI-demo

  1. This really the most incredible GUI I’ve seen in flash. It really has potential as a useful interface for an entire new generation of applications. All the other attempts I’ve seen are far too slow to really be useful, and aren’t as intuitive. Like Patricia said, the only thing that I noticed that needs to be fixed is the focus issue, as whichever window is active should move on top of all others unless they are explicitly set always on top. I would love to be a part of this project, but I don’t have experience in flash programming, only C/C++ and other non-web languages. Well, java, but that’s different. Keep up the good work guys, and your Alternativa3D engine is also incredible. Check out my site sometime if you want, though I haven’t updated it in awhile.

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