Alternativa3D 5.0 (Milestone 1)

First of all we would like to say that some silence in blog was connected with very hard work, part of which is our beloved 3D-engine at its 5th version. Now we can tell that new architecture was worth working on it. With a great pleasure we created these two small demos for you, to show engine abilities.

Bunker Temple

Alternativa3D tech specs:

  • Signals system — only nesessary calculations;
  • BSP — quality polygon sorting, “sharp” crossings;
  • n-gons support;
  • reusing layers (only changed regions redrawing, polygons are independent);
  • objects hierarchy;
  • only necessary matrix, coords and UVs recalculating;
  • perspective correction — dynamic triangulation;
  • collision detection.

Isometric mode was also optimized and now works much faster.


And this is not all. In a future we’ll create and implement some new features::

Besides that, Alternativa3D engine is already adapted for coming Flash Player 10. Texture correction and lighting will work faster.

This technology applications are rather wide::

  • 3D online first- and third person games;
  • architecture visualisation;
  • multyuser entertainment media;
  • promo-sites;
  • advertising (including “3D-banners”);
  • science фand educational interactive projects.

We hope that you share our passion. It is spring outside, everything grows and develops, so we are.

125 thoughts on “Alternativa3D 5.0 (Milestone 1)

  1. Wow! You pulled off great FPS and isometric capabilities. This really is becoming quite a platform. Details on usage would be good to have. Depending on how good the isometric side runs scaling, it could be easily an RTS platform.

  2. I just would like to know, what does “Besides that, Alternativa3D engine is already adapted for coming Flash Player 10. Texture correction and lighting will work faster” really stand for?

  3. Never have I been more impressed than with these demos! This is amazingly brilliant! I absolutely cannot wait to be able to play with whatever programs/games are created with this platform.

    Keep up the good work. You should accept donations – I’m sure many would be glad to help.

  4. This is a truly amazing piece of work, I am very impressed with the overall quality of the demos.
    What does “milestone 1″ mean, what are the other milestones and when will we get to see something :)
    And when are planning on releasing a first commercial version ?

  5. Woow! What a hell of fps!! This is just and incredible powerful 3D engine. My deepest congratulations! :) I just can’t get enough of that stuff o.O’

  6. Amazing. The Doom-like demo is awesome.

    I really see an isometric game on the way. I am curious about the optimization and how it could be customized for rendering only the necessary faces for a game w/ one viewing angle (e.g. Diablo, older Sim City games). Is this something easily achieved? Basically I’d like to render the polygons in the top, front left and front right since they are the only visible planes of a 3D object (aside from any transparent objects).

    Thanks for creating these demos. Truly awesome.

  7. I hate you.
    I love you.
    I can’t decide. It’s all so confusing.

    This is just my roundabout way of saying: this is amazing. Congratulations. Now get some sleep so you can get on with milestone 2.

  8. This is great! Keep it up! Nice performance and graphics balance. Thanks for letting us see the triangles, that impresses me more, to see it working!
    And to see what you have in the queue! Lighting, mapping, physics and interactivity! Prime!

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  10. No z-ordering problems, no camera clipping plane trouble, impeccable collision detection, great framerate … Now if you could only say on what terms you could give us access to it … my phuking life would change :P

  11. … ‘ts hard to find words…
    Yeah, guys — You rocks !!!!
    Keep on !

    PS Кста, dynamic lighting and shadows (точечные и направленные источники света), наверно,
    точней (для того, что в скобках) будет так: point and target lights?
    Sorry, if you knew that already :)

  12. Wow.. amazing work.. i new that AS3 was a major improvement on the previous versions.. but this is ridiculous! I have no idea how you manage to achieve your frame rate but i guess it involves quite a lot of complicated maths.. The mad thing is you seem to be able to get a better frame rate in 3D than i can in a damn simple parallax scroller… am rather put out if i’m honest.. lol :)

    I shall be watching this space, you guys are scary… ;)

  13. Are the shadows “baked into” the textures? Half of what makes this look so damn amazing is the lighting – but then I press “T” I don’t see any polygons for the shadows, leading me to believe that the shading, lighting, etc., is part of the textures, and so your lighting calculations are optimized and kept to a minimum… ?

  14. Michiel van der Ros: probably you’re talking about isometric example. Perspective corrected triangulation definitely works with triangles :)

    Glen: yes, shadows are baked in these examples. We’re working hard to bring up real lighting too.

    Thank you people, please stay tuned. More interesting things to come (but it takes a lot of time to really polish them).

  15. WOW, thats amazing. Engine like this gives great oportunities, like games, architectual visulisation, 3d web navigation and more!

    Very good job, keep us updated about work progress :D

    Kind regards,

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  17. Cool stuff, but in the isometric, is the perspective meant to be inverted? Things get larger as the distance increases, which isn’t really how that whole thing is supposed to work.

  18. Wow! I thought the same as Cozmic, but after reading the Mikhail post, I analized the strange “inverted perspective” image on photoshop, and it’s just an illusion! :D

  19. Realy amazing. You’re not so far from the Half-Life quality, wich is amazing for the net. The datas streaming seems to be pretty well managed. Please continue to improve it, cause it seems for me to be the best 3D engine for Flash.

  20. Amazing. I tried to do this once and all I could do was a rotating 3D-triangle. And that one lagged like hell. No lag here! A lot more than just a triangle.

  21. Hello,
    Incredible !! Very great job ! For your roadmap, would you implement a fisheye mode, I’m working with a little numeric planetarium and I’m using Stellarium and flash in complement but the 3d would be very impressionnant in a dome…

  22. Wow! I thought the same as Cozmic, but after reading the Mikhail post, I analized the strange “inverted perspective” image on photoshop, and it’s just an illusion! :D

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