Alternativa 3D 5.0 FP10 — Flash Player 10 “Astro” version

Finally, happened something we’ve been waiting for — Flash Player 10 preliminary version called “Astro” came out. New version lets to use in Alternativa3D faster and more quality drawing system and to optimize some counting routines.

We decided to do two develompents in parralel way — for Flash Player 9 and Flash Player 10. We’re planning to keep equal functions and API to make projects compilation easy for both players. So, after first 5.0 release we’ll release 5.0 FP10 too.

Here are earlier published demos with new drawing system without adaptive triangulation.

Bunker Temple

You have to have Flash Player 10 installed.

48 thoughts on “Alternativa 3D 5.0 FP10 — Flash Player 10 “Astro” version

  1. WOW! You guys are truly an amazing job… The differences between Flash Player 9 and 10 are a huge leap. I really love now with FP10, “Astro”, the temple is a LOT smoother when walking/turning, etc. while keeping a strong and steady frame rate.

    I really am anxious for you guys to release this!

  2. while it looks way nicer now that you have the higher quality rendering also on while moving and i imagine it would be great to have this running at nice performance on none of my boxes there was hardware acceleration going on. My cpu chokes and the demos run at 5-7 fps while moving. Can it be that the current beta f10 player doesn´t have hardware support turned on yet?

  3. to flashbookmarks: so far i tried the new wmode embed params with several swfs and for none i got a performance increase, with several ones i instead got random crashing, so yeah, hence why my question above.

  4. 2FlashBookmarks:
    Perpective distortion visual quality became higher – good bitmap filtration with no more quad pixels, and no “bends”.

    Old and new demos are compiled using the same math. The difference is only in drawing method. As it may be seen, draw performance is lower by 15-20%.

    Also we can point that there is no way to lower perspective distortion quality to raise performance. Even “smooth” in beginBitmapFill is not taken into account. This lowers an ability to make flexible performance tuning for low-end machines.

    As we know, Adobe is not really planning to use hardware acceleration to draw triangles. Setting wmode to “gpu” lets to use GPU only for compositing and video.

  5. Hm, looks and performs great.

    I think that even the older non-accelerated version of the bunker runs faster with Flash Player 10 beta.

    However, at Adobe’s site I read, that when GPU acceleration is used during the beta version of the player, a green square will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. I don’t see any such square on this demo – is it just me or it is not using gpu mode?

  6. to bLaf, it’s not in GPU mode you’ll need to set wmode in the html

    Alexander says:
    As we know, Adobe is not really planning to use hardware acceleration to draw triangles. Setting wmode to “gpu” lets to use GPU only for compositing and video.

    Guess over a few weeks we will know how to get a nice performance boost.

    To Alexander:
    Do you have to rewrite a lot on the engine for fp10 or is it done allready?

  7. Hi. Bunker looks great!

    But I am not able to turn hardware acceleration on. Setting wmode=gpu or wmode=direct does nothing.

    Does anyone know how to find out which hardware is compatible with gpu acceleration?

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