Platform website and Alternativa3D launch

During last month we cleaned up the code, fixed annoying bugs, fasten engine performance by 25%, wrote documentation for classes and methods, and created some articles and tutorials for developers. We developed platform website, prepared licences, made through user registration for all Alternativa services, translated texts to English and placed everything on a new hosting.

Let us invite you to!

You can get to know about our company and our products, register and get your free Alternativa3D non-commercial engine library.

There are some new services for developers:


24 thoughts on “Platform website and Alternativa3D launch

  1. Wow you guys are fast. It has come a long way since last year, now it is a fully complete platform! Looking forward to the GUI tools and more info on pricing for commercial.

  2. This is very cool, but have a newbie question. What is the 3D designer pipeline for Alternativa? Is there support for Collada or some other standard 3D format?

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