New demos

Here some more Alternativa3D demos.

Mobile phone

+ Flash Player 10 version

An example of showing object in 3D. You can use objects details to create interaction. Say, phone buttons are working.

Casual game demo

Level 1
Level 2

Ballance game prototype. You control two balls by tilting the surface. Blue ball gets bonuses and must avoid red one. If red ball is touched, blue one becomes transparent. You can get life back by touching heart icon.

Painting appartaments

+ Flash Player 10 version

This demo shows new apartaments with concrete surfaces. You can choose textures by clicking surfaces.

11 thoughts on “New demos

  1. I´ve talked against some of the recent alternativa demos because i was never a fan of the switching to low res/quality rendering when moving and then switching to high quality rendering/AA when standing still (and the huge different in look between those two that made the low fi version just feel even way more shoddy to me). Also because i felt like for example that city example demo was trying so hard to be realistic in look/feel and that automatically makes it feel so outdated compared to things possible in other technologies than flash. So, after all that i think its just fair that i also salute and congratulate you, great work on these new demos, each is wicked in its own way, very nicely done :)

  2. Hi everyone, great job! Congratulations from me too! Recently I have the pleasure to work with Aternativa and i’m absolutely impressed! However, i can’t find a lot of tuts for alternativa, can anyone upload the source files for first or third example :? Thanks again

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