WAR.RU — new multiplayer browser game using Alternativa3D

We’d like to congratulate our partners, Q1 company on reaching open beta of WAR.RU game development. It uses Alternativa3D for displaying game world and travelling. The game invites players to choose one of three races and join endless war between fractions, delivering old-fashioned dungeon crawling yet freshly implemented gameplay, all that right in browser.

Exey Panteleev, Flash-developer from Q1, has a story about Alternativa3D usage for you:

“We had just a few days to decide if we need Flash 3D solution or not, and demo with Alternativa3D was fast to create, thanks to WalkController. We also like BSP-tree sorting — we got relatively complex environments like cities and dungeons in the game world.

Alternativa3D API is compact but capacious, so we examined it fast, and lack of some helper-methods was not a problem, it’s fast to create them just for your needs. Implementation was easy too, now we spend less time creating new locations.

We have different locations. Some of them have much more sprites than geometry, some vice versa. We like engine performance, because we also need to show GUI elements, avatars and effects.

Licencing process is not sophisticated to get through, contract is clear and easy to understand.

Now, I have to add some critics too. SWC-components hide source code from developers, so there’s a need for more code examples, especially on math and matrices. Community has a lot of grow potential, so you guys need to create more docs and tutorials.

In general, we’re satisfied with Alternativa3D, thaks a lot for your cooperation and support!”

Thank you for kind words, we’re very happy here to get browser MMORPG in our tech portfolio. We’ll announce more cool projects soon, keep an eye on the blog!

(the game is all in Russian, sorry for that. Please use this hint to register (instand play after pressing OK)).

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  1. Also, it’s not possible to register english name of character to start the game.
    If you wanna to try: enter for example Cупергерой (translated as Superhero) plus some number: Cупергерой007

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