Alternativa3D 8 – engine, supporting new Flash player with hardware 3D

Adobe MAX conference is over and now we can absolutely legally disclose some detailes about Alternativa3D 8 engine with new Flash player support. Due to Molehill 3D API with hardware 3D acceleration support in new Flash player, Alternativa 3D 8 will draw more than 3 millions of polygons with high performance. And due to vertex and pixel shaders support it is possible to use modern special effects like lighting, shadows, particle system, posteffects etc. To simplify development of applications engine will be complemented with handle tools for designers. Finally, API of A3D 7 and A3D 8 will be maximally similar to provide smooth porting from 7 to 8.

Possibilities of new technology were shown during first time presentation of new Flash player at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles on the 25th of October. Showcase called MAX Racer was created specially for this event. It is a racing game where player drives sport car near Los Angeles Convention Center controlling it with keyboard, steering wheel, joystick or gamepad. Application is intended for several players but uses peer-2-peer connection instead of server.

You can watch video from MAX Racer at the in Showcase section. Application demonstrates such A3D 8 features as high speed drawing (hundreds of thousands of polygons with 60 FPS), advanced shaders (reflections on the car body and buildings) and realistic physics. There are also anti-aliasing combined with semi-transparent objects and light maps for realistic lighting.

Two browser-based online games built on Alternativa3D 8 are already in development. The first is an in-house real-time sci-fi action-RPG Ostrova Online. The second is postapocalyptic turn-based MMORPG Metro 2033 Online which is developed by Open Games. AlternativaPlatform acts as a technical partner, providing 3D-engine, server side and technical support.

Videos from both projects can be watched at Also you can find free version of Alternativa3D 7 engine there. A3D 7 is used in a commercially successful browser-based 3D shooter Tanki Online. There are a lot of 3D-sites and applications built on it, including Toyota and Volkswagen promotional projects.

Everybody can get and use Alternativa3D 7 absolutely free. The latest, improved and enhanced version of the engine can be downloaded with no charge. It is just necessary to place the link to AlternativaPlatform company in case of using engine in some projects. Today Alternativa3D 7 is one of the most advanced solutions for realizing 3D in the browser.

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10 thoughts on “Alternativa3D 8 – engine, supporting new Flash player with hardware 3D

  1. Is there ETA on 8 and (more importantly) any info on what will licensing be? Similar to 7?
    I’d hate to invest a lot of time on v7 to realize v8 is charged something I cannot afford for my project.

  2. Will A3D 8 be free to try? I don’t mind paying to use A3D for commercial projects, but it’s always nice to try a free version first.

    Also, congrats on MAX 2010!

  3. Thanks a lot. We don’t have exact licencing terms for you at the moment, what I can say for sure is that new API will be as close as possible to what we’ve done in A3D 7. Staying on a free side is also something that makes sence for us already, so there’s definately hope)

  4. Free…. right… For me it looks like -“advertise us or pay” not free…

    Away 3d – it is truly free. And it has much more features…

    And I am waiting for it with greater anticipation.

  5. Wow…truly amazing. As a freelancer, if this is not free, I hope and pray it’s affordable…but you folks deserve to make a living off all this hard work. I’m not sure the people complaining here and comparing to Away3D understand the import of the above: look up Molehill. When this comes out, it’ll put Adobe back on top where it belongs. Good work, thank you, and please keep it up. And please remember the little guys!

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