AlternativaPlatform at E3 2011

Better late than never! Check out our report about trip to E3 2011.

At the E3 2011 conference in Los Angeles we stood out by not organizing a large and anonymous exhibition, but instead by putting together a down-home and cozy booth. There we demonstrated Tanki Online 2.0’s early build as an example of the power and possibilities our technologies offer developers and players. We had six PCs and a local Tanki server. Our colleagues from Perm regularly updated the build, sending us SMS, such as «prepare to restart».

The entire demonstration ran on a browser, a fact which we had to continually remind visitors. People just couldn’t believe what we had actually accomplished and would call Flash Player menu to check. Then we blew away all the doubters with demonstrations launched on Android.

e3_00.jpg e3_0.jpg

This year we are taking every opportunity to inform the gaming community about Flash Player possibilities and the advantages our technologies offer game developers. We know our presentation at E3 was a success. Our 3D engine and server technology caught the interest of the big game companies and we are continuing to discuss new ways of cooperation with them. Cool!

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3 thoughts on “AlternativaPlatform at E3 2011

  1. “Our 3D engine and server technology caught the interest of huge game companies and now we continue to discuss new ways of cooperation with them.”
    That sounds exciting. :P
    I’m sure when Flash Player 11 gets released officially, you guys will be working with bigger companies to create great projects!
    I just hope if that becomes common for you guys you wont forget the indie developer!

  2. I couldn’t post messages in the forum so I write here.
    In ver.8.8.0, Reading error occurs in class ParserCollada() ,with some Meshes that texture is pasted and not pasted in the same object.
    (Sorry for poor English)

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