Alternativa3D 8.12.0 update with support for Flash Player 11 Beta 2

To your attention we introduce the new public engine build Alternativa3D 8.12.0 which supports the Flash Player 11 Beta 2. So this version of the engine is completely compatible with the latest Flash Player build at the present moment. We have also accelerated the mouse events system and added the orthographic mode to the camera.

Complete list of changes

  •   The public version Flash Player 11 Beta 2 is now supported.
  •   The orthographic mode has been added to the Camera3D.
  •   The MouseEvent system has been optimized and accelerated.
  •   Logo “AlternativaPlatform” has been updated.
  •   Now when objects are added and removed from the parent, the event will be sent (Event3D.ADDED, Event3D.REMOVED).
  •   The ability to change the property renderToBitmap into View after creating has been added.
  •   The height and width of the View has been limited to the minimum size of 50×50.
  •   Bug in mouse events system when used skins divided on surfaces by divide() was fixed.
  •   A bug has been fixed in Decal.
  •   Skin lighting algorithm changed to more precise one.
  •   ParserCollada: Fixed a bug when binormal vector of the vertices of the object was incorrectly parsed.
  •   The value of backgroundAlpha in the View constructor changed to 1.0 by default.
  •   VertexLightTextureMaterial now draws correctly without lights in scene.
  •   MouseEvent3D was moved from alternativa.engine3d.core to
  •   A bug has been fixed in Object3D.dispatchEvent().
  •   The offset property has been added to the constructor Decal and it is compulsory.
  •   Now the offset property can be copied using the clone () method of class Decal.
  •   The ratio property has been removed from View class.
  •   VertexLightTextureMaterial now can be used with skin with the maximum number of bones in surface no more than 33.

Download Alternativa3D 8.12.0.

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