Alternativa3D update and A3D format specification

In the new version we added 3DS format parser, the method of finding a ray intersects with an object of Mesh type and realised export to the binary format.
Download Alternativa3D 8 engine.

A3D binary format now supports the objects of Skin type and the light sources.
Download format specification.
Download 3DS Max 2010 plugins for exporting to A3D format.
Download 3DS Max 2011 plugins for exporting to A3D format.

Also we made changes in the model viewer

New in Alternativa3D 8.17.0:

  • ParserA3D: added the import of objects of Skin type and the import of light sources;
  • Added Parser3DS class for import models from 3DS format;
  • Added intersectRay() – The method of finding a ray intersects with an object of Mesh type;
  • Added AxisAlignedSprite class to display plane oriented along one axis to the camera;
  • Export to the binary format A3D is supported;
  • Added debug mode displaying of objects bounds;
  • Added primitive Plane;
  • GeoSphere primitive has normals and tangents of vertices after creation;
  • Normalmaps supported with left-sided system of coordinates in StandardMaterial.

Changed in Alternativa3D 8.17.0:

  • Decal: removed the offset property and changed the logic of work;
  • StandardMaterial: fixed a bug with lighting of some light sources;
  • FillMaterial: color in construstor is grey by default now;
  • Box: constructor is optimized;
  • Box: fixed a bug in the cloning of the primitive. Surfaces is not duplicated now;
  • WireFrame.getResources() allows parameter resourceType now.

Changed in model viewer:

  • Saving settings of export and publications in SharedObjects;
  • Automatic dividing of the skin with large quantity of bones;
  • Various improvements to the interface, fixed bugs.

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