AlternativaPlatform celebrates an anniversary!

Friends and colleagues, we, the AlternativaPlatform company, are five years old. Today, December 2, 2011, we had our first anniversary!

Five years ago, in early December 2006, a team of GRTOV studio completely stopped working on websites and retooled to work on a game called Alternativa Game. This an infinitely ambitious project remained on paper, but instead we launched Tanki Online and a whole bunch of innovative technologies – Alternativa3D, AlternativaCore and others. And indeed the “group” has grown from seven to more than fifty people. Behind – the sea of achievements, ahead – there is an ocean of opportunities!

Happy Birthday, AlternativaPlatform. Thanks to all our relatives, friends, colleagues and partners for their help and support. Go on!

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One thought on “AlternativaPlatform celebrates an anniversary!

  1. Flash seems to be slowly dying… Does this not worry you? Your company is based on Flash development!
    What if one day, just like the mobile flash…
    What if one day browser based Flash is no longer supported!
    I hope AIR lives on.

    Happy birthday btw! :P

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