AlternativaGUI 5.17.0 update

Interface creating library AlternativaGUI updated to version 5.17.0.
In this version we realized classes RadioButton and CheckBox and fixed bugs in classes List and Tree. Also we made other changes and fixes.


  • Added a class Logo.
  • Added RadioButton class.
  • Added class CheckBox.
  • List: Appeared property scrollBarSpace – the gap between content and scrollbar.


  • List: Fixed search by letter.
  • List, Tree: Fixed a bug with the work of cursor control keys from the keyboard.
  • Tree: when you click on a folder the item is now selected.
  • CheckBox: Fixed a problem with the size during creation.
  • ScrollPane: Fixed a bug that appears due to the absence of the ScrollBar.
  • TabPanel: Getters and setters appeared to selectTab – the index of selected tab.
  • DropDownMenu in AlternativaGUIDefaultTheme 1.3.0: Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor does not allocate objects in a given menu.

Download AlternativaGUI 5.17.0.

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