New group in the Facebook

Dear friends, we are pleased to present the new official group AlternativaPlatform on the Facebook social network, focused on communicating with the English-speaking community. Click “Like” to subscribe to news and discussions about our technologies.

You can still discuss our technologies and read news in Russian language in the Russian group Alternativa3D.

About Roman Epishin

My articles and columns can be found in different print and digital sources including PC Games magazine and 3DNews informational portal where I headed computer game section. I have dedicated more then eight years of my life to reviewing computer and videogame industry events.

3 thoughts on “New group in the Facebook

  1. I know you guys have been busy, and even released a physics engine, a great GUI, but…
    When are you going to release a newer version of Alternativa3D?
    I have assets all created, but it would be great to have some of the features I was expecting!
    Like SphericalEnvironmentMaterial from Alternativa3D 7.

  2. Thank you for your interest, Chris!
    To my regret, we can’t determine any particular date at the moment but we are really working hard on the engine.

  3. Alright.
    I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

    I would have used Away3D, but they just throw in a million broken features instead of making a couple working ones.

    Alternativa actually works how you’d expect it to.

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