AlternativaGUI 5.18.1 update

We have optimized the interface library AlternativaGUI by implementing post-rendering. This will greatly speed up the rendering of objects when resizing the application window. However, it is better to see – experiment with an interactive demonstration.

In connection with the post-rendering there also has been amended the AlternativaGUI Default Theme. Just as a reminder, this is library with skinned components, which comes with a source code and is designed for rapid prototyping of the interface.

Added to AlternativaGUI 5.18.1

  • RedrawManager class, responsible for post-rendering

Changed in AlternativaGUI 5.18.1

  • Optimisation: speeded the library
  • ScrollPane: added getter for ScrollBar
  • Reimplemented Rollout
  • LabelTF: fixed a bug with align
  • LayoutManager: it changed since RedrawManager was added

Added to AlternativaGUI Default Theme 1.4.1

  • ScrollPaneWithScroller class
  • BorderContainer class
  • Cursors class
  • Custom cursors

Changed in AlternativaGUI Default Theme 1.4.1

  • Optimisation since it was added RedrawManager

AlternativaGUI overview
RedrawManager description

GUIobject and ActiveObject – the base classes
LayoutManager description

Tutorials and examples
Creating a text label
Creating a LOD button

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