AlternativaGUI 5.20.0 update

We have updated the interface library AlternativaGUI to version 5.20.0 . The changes relate primarily to the elimination of previously reported bugs and improving usability of our technology. For example, if previously you could only use embedded fonts, now even the system ones. Working with fonts is described in detail in the lesson “Creating a text label“. Read more for full change list.

  • We added the embedFonts method for the component LabelTF. This method is responsible for the use of embedded or system fonts.
  • Added the method (enabled) to enable or disable LayoutManager, MouseManager and KeyboardManager.
  • Fixed a bug with the “locking” of the NumericStepper component and also added functionality of value changing when dragging.
  • Implemented AlternativaGUI class, which has the version of the library.

In connection with the above changes minor changes were also made to the component NumericStepper and button NumericButton in the skinned library AlternativaGUIDefaultTheme 1.5.0.

Please note that the documentation and AlternativaGUI lessons are published in our “Knowledge Base“.

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