Alternativa3D 8.27.0 with shadows and alpha-test

Continuing this week’s long-awaited release of the new version of the engine Alternativa3D. It implements the shadow of the directional light needed, for example, to correct image shadows in the sunlight. We also added the ability to draw using the alpha-test technology, and the two-pass alpha-test. This solves the problem of sorting when rendering translucent objects such as leaves of trees.

In Alternativa3D 8.27.0 a total of more than thirty amendments were introduced. Their complete list is in the archive with the library, and the TOP-5 innovations are presented below.

  • Added the DirectionalLightShadow class to calculate shadows from the directional lighting source.
  • The material adds the ability to draw using alpha-test technology, and two-pass alpha-test.
  • Implemented the EnvironmentMaterial – a material with simulated reflection of the cubic texture.
  • In the material StandardMaterial was added the ability to use texture light map with a dynamic light.
  • Implemented importing animation from the binary A3D format.

Along with the engine has been updated plug-ins for 3DS Max 2010, 3DS Max 2011 and 3DS Max 2012.

Click on the picture to start the demonstration (Flash Player 11 required)

Download Alternativa3D 8.27.0
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