Graphics acceleration using Flash Player 11

In 2011 the Flash Player 11 was released with support graphics acceleration on the graphics card. Prior to that, all calculations were performed on the CPU, and developers had to put up with a restriction on the number of triangles, etc.The Tanki Online Game was developed on the Alternativa3D 7 engine under Flash Player 10 and the average FPS players have been 20-25. To speed up the schedule, we decided to make the game support Flash Player 11. And that’s what happened:

Without hardware acceleration:

With hardware acceleration:

To improve the graphics you need to install Adobe Flash Player 11, update the graphics driver and Flash Player settings to enable hardware acceleration.

Unfortunately, the Linux operating system does not support this functionality, so that is why it will not increase FPS.

Also on the Adobe website there is a list of video cards that do not currently support hardware acceleration of Flash Player.

2 thoughts on “Graphics acceleration using Flash Player 11

  1. Thanks, I was wondering if the gpu processes flash content and this answered my question. Sadly my mac runs on intel x3100 integrated so its pretty much nuking my cpu anyway but at least i know now. Next buy is to be a core i7 macbook pro with shit tons of juice inside it so that should help with flash issues on this machine.


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