SSAO in Alternativa3D

It’s been long since we have written, and yet the work on the platform, including the Alternativa3D engine, is in full force. Now, for example, we are working on SSAO.

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion – this is an post-effect, increasing the visible detail of the scene due to shading of those places which are expected to have poor light penetration.

The screenshot below shows how it will look like at “Tanki Online.”

The aim of the algorithm is that we draw the scene in several different buffers – the color buffer, depth and normals. In the future we can in the post-effect shader (in the space of the screen) to restore the three-dimensional coordinates of the visible points and calculate their average shadowing neighboring points.

Shading is defined by two parameters – the distance between the points and the angle between the normal and the overlapping point of the object at a given location.

We were able to achieve high performance of this algorithm with good quality. This algorithm was realized in the experemental branch on GitHub and we plan to merge it to the master branch in the future.

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