New tutorials on transparency and shadows on our wiki

Per our recent post, Software Developer’s Journal has published our article about shadows and transparency in Alternativa3D 8.27. Now we are sharing both parts of the article on our wiki as well.

Read about transparency

Read about shadows

Since the article was written, the engine has grown to include omni light shadows, in addition to directional light shadows. Omni light shadows are not covered in the article, but they are very similar to directional light shadows and you are welcome to learn more here.

5 thoughts on “New tutorials on transparency and shadows on our wiki

  1. Any idea how to use multiple shadows for an entire scene. I’ve tried creating multiple directional lights with shadows, but this of course creates conflicts between multiple lights. Perhaps multiple shadow boxes for a single directional light?

  2. There is no way to use several shadows with one light with current implementation. However you can set boundboxes to each light source in order to restrict field in which it will enabled. (Object is not lighted when object’s boundbox and light’s boundbox are not intersected). Or You can disable any light for given object. See here

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Pecheny. The problem is with the terrain bounds intersecting with multiple light bounds. I would need the terrain to have multiple bound boxes for each light and I’m not sure this is possible. I’ve made a level editor to drag and drop models on a terrain, but shadows are a current drawback. I’m trying to avoid creating shadow maps as this doesn’t allow for dynamic placement of models. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

  4. I can imagine the only way when the ground is split into pieces. BTW are you sure you really need several shadows? If you can see them at once, they shouldn’t be too large at screen so you can extend one work volume to cover all of them – the lack of shadow map resolution wouldn’t be evident. If you move closer to one of them then other ones would move out of the screen so you can contract work volume in order to cover only visible field of shadow.

  5. I originally tried making one large working volume that moves with the camera, but unfortunately the quality of the shadows was too pixelated even with a 2048 map size. I think I will try grouping 4 Directional lights and dividing the intensity by 4 to create a larger more detailed working volume. Thanks for your help Pecheny.

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