DevGAMM 2013 Kyiv

On December 7-8 Kiev hosted DevGAMM 2013, an international conference. This year was record-setting in terms of the number of attendees: more than 1300!

Seven of us made the trip to Kiev: Anton Volkov (technical director), Evgeniy Gilmanov (lead analyst), Vladimir Kovtun (lead game designer), Aleksey Totmyanin (lead game designer), Semyon Strizhak (game designer), Vladimir Babushkin (programmer), and Mikhail Sukhoterin (lead consultant).

Evgeniy Gilmanov and Vladimir Kovtun lectured on “How gamification can help you earn more,” trying to answer questions that, as it turns out, have been on the minds of many:

  • How can I earn more by boosting user loyalty?
  • Why does a game designer’s team need a marketing specialist?

Participants thought our speech was among the top three given at the conference!

Visitors to the AlternativaPlatform stand were able to see a technical demonstration of Tanki Online and CombatSector. To the surprise of many, the demonstrations used Unity instead of Flash.

The conference wrapped up with an award ceremony for game developers. Game designer Aleksey Totmyanin was thrilled to receive DevGAMM’s prize in the best game category for Combat Sector!

P.S.: We went for an evening walk around Kiev on the second day of the conference with some Tanki Online players. What a beautiful city!

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