DevGAMM 2014 Moscow


We had a great time at DevGAMM, serving as always as a platinum sponsor and handing out t-shirts with the latest (for us) image to all the participants.

Anton Volkov gave a lecture with the shocking title “Think in other way? Good luck then!” that was based on his experience managing in our company.

Anton also participated in the round table entitled “Is it worth creating games if you could do something else and be equally successful?” The discussion also featured Sergei Klimov (founded Charlie Oscar and runs a russian podcast called #КакДелаютИгры), Sergey Orlovskiy (Nival), and Nikolay Dybovskiy.

Vitaliy Semenov spoke about interacting with outsourcers for developing graphic content.

— Unfortunately, I can’t say that there were all that many lectures in the art section, and even fewer were interesting. However, the technical aspect of the issue was examined from all sides. For example, the lecture devoted to the physics in Unity 5 was really great for me, and I really liked the round table (Dybovskiy, Volkov, Orlovskiy) — they contrasted well with each other and discussed both the down-to-earth and philosophical aspects of life as a developer.

Vladimir Kovtun participated in the game design round table.

— I was surprised by the huge number of young specialists putting up respectable results at Unity. They are young and energetic, and already making real money off what they’ve been able to put together, even if it isn’t that much yet. It was great to personally talk with the pillars of the CIS game development community. I was happy to see the large number of lectures on game design and scripting, as well as the discussion on the growing popularity of art games. There was also a wonderful demonstration of indie projects.

I’d like to note that in the last few years DevGAMM (previously FlashGAMM) has become the largest industry conference in the CIS. his year it drew more than 1200 people from around the world.

A report on the event from the organizers

A fun video made at the conference about developers

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