First experience with remote work

It has been ten days since a small team of server developers started working remotely. We picked a small city called Paralimni on Cyprus where we rented a villa to serve as a work zone.

Alexey Kviring:

— Here is how our schedule works: we get to work at around 8 am every day and stick with it until one or two, taking a break for a small breakfast. At one we have lunch at a restaurant, and then head to the beach for a couple hours for volleyball, swimming, etc. At four we get back and work until eight or nine, after which it’s every man for himself. The upside of working like this is the quiet, as no one pulls you away from your work, as well as the change of scenery and flexible schedule. We haven’t found any real downsides, with the minor exception of how far restaurants are—everything at the main office is very close. We were able to get into a groove with work right away, and there haven’t been any technical issues, seeing as how the company is set up for this sort of thing.

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