Tanki Online team comes in Germany

We decided after our successful fall meeting with German Tanki Online players that it’s worth making the experiment as a tradition. The new meeting will be held on June 27-29 at a camp complex in the great city of Wildflecken, and we expect it to be attended by about 40-50 members of the German community.

One important and eagerly anticipated part of the meeting will be a presentation given by the developers in which we will discuss the high points of the past year, what is going on now, and what we plan for the future. In addition, Julia Gilyova (tech support specialist) will talk about the tough life of those who work on resolving player issues. We also have exclusive t-shirts designed especially for this meeting.

The developer team will include:
Community managers Mariya Trusevich, Valery Schumann, and Nikolay Kolotov, in addition to Julia Gilyova, a tech support specialist.

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