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This term denotes a method which is used to imitate reflection of the environment on objects’ surfaces. For instance, to visualize chromium bumper of a car.

To imitate reflection we use special spherical or hemispherical (fish eye) environment maps and recalculate UV-coordinates of an object according to its position against camera.

Environment mapping Environment mapping - 3
Environment mapping - 4 Environment mapping - 5


  • Arrow keys, W, S, A, D – camera movement
  • Drag mouse – look around
  • Q – change quality
  • Tab – debug mode

“iHeroes” visit Perm

During the last weekend our friends and business partners from Chelyabinsk, company “iHeroes”, visited Perm. The purpose of the trip was studying of AlternativaPlatform technology. During the visit our specialists gave several masterclasses and lectures for “Heroes”.

Vladimir Babushkin – the leading developer of Alternativa3D — tells about the peculiarities of the library.

Alexey Kviring (server programmer) opens the “inner sanctum” to the partners — our platform.

The guests seemed to be longing for new information and got from our specialists as much knowledge as possible. This is not surprising at all: their project is entering the active phase of development.

Toyota IQ & Alternativa3D

Moscow company «Brandstudio» developed promo-site which is devoted to a new urban car model Toyota — IQ and in which our engine Alternativa3D was used.

This is a unique example of how to use 3D in website navigation. In the heart of it is a simplified simulator of a car: driving the small but smart IQ the user can view sections of the site just approaching them.

Toyota IQ

Typical features of the site: the user gets information about Toyota IQ dynamics simply using navigation, in other words, on a native level. One can’t exclude the gaming side of the navigation – view of the site becomes a jovial and pleasant occupation. Rolls and skidding of the car during big turns look rather realistic!