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New Personnel

Though news on blog have become rare, the work is in full swing, tens of tasks are being solved and discussions held. Don’t want to write about everyday routine while really intriguing news are under non-disclosure agreements. Though, everything will become public within several months.

We’re developing and our staff also widens. 6 new stars have appeared in our team since the last month.

Aleksandra Medvedeva
Coordinator of the game Tanki Online. Deals with aggregators and subcontractors, keeps statistics and leads the game marketing.
Olga Stepanova
Server programmer. Worked half rate for 3 months and finally decided to fully join the staff.
Sergey Spesivov
Responsible for 3D-modeling and texturing.
Mikhail Yarusov
2D-designer — from icons to websites for current and future projects.
Fedor Kulikov
Application programmer of broad specialization.
Grigory Bolotov
Methodologist. Thoroughly studies Alternativa Platform technologies and passes his experience through documentation and other training aids.

Discussions are now held in the office since there’s no space for all of us in the negotiation room.

The tallest person in the team now is not Aleksey Kviring but Fedor Kulikov.


Three years ago (01.12.06) we registered Alternativa Game LLC, brought the documents into the office and somebody noted that the 1st of December should be the company birthday.

During those days we went to different instances there and back, scheduled the plans, calculated expenses and were really somehow confused – everything happened for the first time.

On that day our project made a present to us – the number of players was more than 100 000.
Miracle or coincidence?

Alternativa Platform at FlashGAMM – Kyiv

Alternativa Platform Company performed as the gold sponsor at FlashGAMM conference which took place on the 5-6th of December in Kyiv. Besides, the company’s CEO Alexandr Vladimirovich Karpovich and CTO Anton Alekseevich Volkov reported at the conference about economic and technical nuances of work on technological platform.

“Community of Flash-game developers are close and valuable people, with whom we jointly discover new type of games which is gaining popularity – 3D browser multiplayer realtime games on Flash” –  it was mentioned in the press-centre of the company and then everybody was invited to tea.

Russian Flash Awards – 2009

The ceremony of Russian Flash Awards was held on October, 24, during Russian Internet Week.

Apart from the awards “Technical achievement” and “Game” known to us, we were taken by surprise when got the “Grand Prix” for “the best project presented at the contest during its lifetime”.

Last year the award looked like a neutralized grenade framed in a brick, thus the guys had some problems in the airport. This year customs examination was followed by the words “you have the bag filled with some odd stuff”.

Salute everyone!

I must admit, to write a message about yourself seems kind of weird, but interesting as well.

My name is Eugenia Startseva and I’m a newcomer at “Alternativa”. My job is to sell licences to russian and foreign developers – very captivating activity!

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