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FlashGamm Moscow 2012

Last week in Moscow, the Flash Gamm’12 conference successfully ended.
The conference had about 800 attendees. Our company was represented by:

  • The producer of the “Tanki Online” project and CTO of AlternativaPlatform Anton Volkov who in the “History of mistakes of a successful project” presentation, told about the inevitable problems in the life of an ambitious online game and about experience we got from them.
  • Training Center Manager Mikhail Sukhoterin and Software Engineer Andrey Andreev shared their experiences on the use of Stage3D on mobile platforms in report “Flash 3D on mobile? That’s easy!”
  • Chief Marketing Officer Roman Epishin had several meetings with partners.

Also on our stand, we provided the opportunity to play in Tanki Online on tablet computers and on a typical computer. Continue reading FlashGamm Moscow 2012

Graphics acceleration using Flash Player 11

In 2011 the Flash Player 11 was released with support graphics acceleration on the graphics card. Prior to that, all calculations were performed on the CPU, and developers had to put up with a restriction on the number of triangles, etc.The Tanki Online Game was developed on the Alternativa3D 7 engine under Flash Player 10 and the average FPS players have been 20-25. To speed up the schedule, we decided to make the game support Flash Player 11. And that’s what happened:

Without hardware acceleration:

With hardware acceleration:

To improve the graphics you need to install Adobe Flash Player 11, update the graphics driver and Flash Player settings to enable hardware acceleration.

Unfortunately, the Linux operating system does not support this functionality, so that is why it will not increase FPS.

Also on the Adobe website there is a list of video cards that do not currently support hardware acceleration of Flash Player.

Programming a 3D first-person shooter game in Alternativa3D

Video tutorial by Tom Krha describes how to create a simple 3D shooter in Alternativa3D 8. Learn more about how to build the next generation of action games with new the Flash Stage 3D API. This session will cover the key steps required to create an advanced first-person shooter gameplay, such as creating a scene and adding a person, movement, shooting, camera following, animations, and more, all in the context of 3D.
tom krcha

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Alternativa3D tutorials for newbies

New Alternativa3D tutorials were published on wiki:

These tutorials were made for newbies. They teach you how to create simple projects on AS3 using Alternativa3D 8.

Also, two tutorials about connecting Alternativa3D ( version 7 and 8 ) to the best knowns IDEs were published on wiki: