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Want to try SSAO?

What is “SSAO”? Screen space ambient occlusion is a post effect which shades pits, folds and corners.

We didn’t made the release which includes SSAO yet but you already can try it.

Run demo
The core features of SSAO post effect were implemented quite some time ago. The problem is the effect does not fit in current engine architecture and was attached with duct tape. This doesn’t mean that SSAO or the engine is bad. They just don’t fit well enough to each other. Connecting them produces dependencies which would interfere with future development. Therefore, we decided that in this form we would not include the engine into the main version; first the engine would need to be reprocessed so that the SSAO and other post effects connected with it harmoniously. As this would take a while and as we can use the current version of SSAO as it is, we have decided to release a special version of the engine, known as “SSAO edition”. API in this version will not be supported in future and as soon as the engine is ready, we will implement the SSAO with the new API. The Alternativa3D “SSAO edition” is available through GitHub in a separate branch so you will able to keep it up to date by merging from the master.

Learn more from the FAQ and the description of API reference of the following classes Camera3D and SSAOAngular.

You can download the archive with compiled library and documentation or use the sources of the engine from the branch 8.32.SSAOEffect.

New tutorials on transparency and shadows on our wiki

Per our recent post, Software Developer’s Journal has published our article about shadows and transparency in Alternativa3D 8.27. Now we are sharing both parts of the article on our wiki as well.

Read about transparency

Read about shadows

Since the article was written, the engine has grown to include omni light shadows, in addition to directional light shadows. Omni light shadows are not covered in the article, but they are very similar to directional light shadows and you are welcome to learn more here.

Constrained mode support

FlashPlayer 11.4 was released recently and now many more users will be able to use  hardware  3D-rendering in Flash. Earlier versions of FlashPlayer 11 support hardware rendering for devices   manufactured after 2008. The constrained mode extends this support to all devices released since 2005. For example, almost one third  of TankiOnline players will be able to use GPU rendering thanks to the constrained mode support. (Around two third of the players already have GPU support and less than ten percent still use the old version of the Flash player that doesn’t support hardware rendering at all) Incidentally, your application should be ready to work in constrained mode as well as FlashPlayer on the user side. This is easy to achieve with Alternativa3D 8.32.

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