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Tanki Online — open test

Almost a month has passed from the closed beta launch. There was about 600 testers who have discovered more than 200 bugs and helped us a lot by making notes and suggestions. Nevertheless, there’s still much work to do. We have plenty of ideas and of course there are bugs to fix. We’ll work hard on all this stuff during next months.

Now, we invite you to participate in open test of Tanki Online!

Alternativa3D 7 in progress

Sorry for not posting new demos — we’re working hard on Tanks. Alternativa3D engine is going to it’s new generation, made specially for Flash 10. We use different kinds of drawing and face culling, new API and optimizing tricks (hello, Alchemy!), so there are new Flash 3D powers lying beyond.

Here some rough visual tests being born during development:





Game character from “Escape from New Babilon” MMORPG from Homo Habilis Studio
Thanks a lot to Andrey “Anry” and Dmitry from .dat company for the help on development process.

New unified versions system and Alternativa3D update

As far as you probably remember, Alternativa3D first public launch was a complete crunch. We didn’t pay a lot of attention to our software versions’ system. It is neseccary to create build servers with clear libraries’ links at the moment. Thereby, all platform libraries (more that twenty) are being unified to the following format:


  • X — generation. New generation means serious changes in architecture, up to all-new code. Back compatibility is not guaranteed.
  • Y — feature-version. Added new functions, refactoring. Classes and classes renaming is possible, with adding information to changelog.
  • Z — fix-version. Fixed bugs, optimizations. API is the same and all fix-versions are compatible in current feature-version.

How Alternativa3D versions are changed in this new format:
5.0.1 -> 5.1.0
5.0.2 -> 5.2.0
5.0.3 -> 5.3.0
5.0.4 -> 5.4.0
5.1.0 -> 6.0.0
We’re sorry for inconvenience, but it is much better to make these changes now.

We were preparing source code of Bunker and Temple. As it happens sometimes, we generated new ideas during this work.

So, here is 5.4.0:

  • Added View getFaceUnderPoint and getFacesUnderPoint methods, which let to get faces under set point
  • Added WalkController and FlyController classes, which let to manage walk and fly modes
  • Added EllipsoidCollider class, which implements ellipsoid-to-geometry collision detection
  • Added Scene3D planeOffsetThreshold parameter — an offset for defining distances between point and splitter planes
  • Added Set.createFromArray method, which creates set from array
  • Added Matrix3D.axisAngleToMatrix method, which forms rotation matrix from axis-angle representation
  • Added Matrix3D getRotations method, which gets rotation angles values
  • Bug fixed in OBJLoader, which showed up during uploading model with textures but without UV-mapping
  • Bug fixed in Mesh cloning, which showed up if surface has no material

You can get fresh version from our website (registration needed).

Alternativa3D 5.3.0 and Flash Player 10 version

There is the Alternativa3D 5.3.0 update on the site.


  • OBJ-models loader added
  • Mesh setMaterialToAllSurfaces method renamed to cloneMaterialToAllSurfaces
  • Method close added to Loader3DS, manually interrupting uploading
  • Texture parameters made only for reading
  • Bug fixed – there were no redrawing after faces UV-coordinates update
  • Added indication of missing or incorrect UV-mapping doing texture drawing
  • Optimized memory usage for collision detection
  • Documentation updated

Since this version there will be two versions of Alternativa3D in our package, adapted for Flash Player 9 and 10 accordingly.

Also our documentation now can be integrated into Eclipse as a plug-in. It can be install directly from Eclipse, by setting address as an update website.

Eclipse 3.3: Help > Software Updates > Find and Install > Search for new features to install > New Remote Site…

Eclipse 3.4: Help > Software Updates > Available Software > Add Site…

Alternativa3D 5.2.0 update

There is the Alternativa3D 5.2.0 update on the site.


  • Renamed Mesh methods:

    • addVertex -> createVertex
    • addFace -> createFace
    • addSurface -> createSurface
    • addAllFacesToSurface -> moveAllFacesToSurface
  • Face property num renamed to verticesCount
  • Added an ability to exclude objects from collision detection in CameraController (collisionIgnoreSet)
  • Added an ability to handle camera movement start and stop in CameraController (onStartMoving, onStopMoving)
  • Optimized polygons sorting during BSP-building
  • Optimized operation sorting (signals system)
  • Added singular mapping check for faces
  • Bugs fixed in 3DS files loader (TD-1063, TD-1073, TD-1074, TD-1083)
  • Fixed bug in TextureMaterial cloning (precision didn’t copy)
  • Corrected some documentation errors

Platform website and Alternativa3D launch

During last month we cleaned up the code, fixed annoying bugs, fasten engine performance by 25%, wrote documentation for classes and methods, and created some articles and tutorials for developers. We developed platform website, prepared licences, made through user registration for all Alternativa services, translated texts to English and placed everything on a new hosting.

Let us invite you to!

You can get to know about our company and our products, register and get your free Alternativa3D non-commercial engine library.

There are some new services for developers:


Alternativa 3D 5.0 FP10 — Flash Player 10 “Astro” version

Finally, happened something we’ve been waiting for — Flash Player 10 preliminary version called “Astro” came out. New version lets to use in Alternativa3D faster and more quality drawing system and to optimize some counting routines.

We decided to do two develompents in parralel way — for Flash Player 9 and Flash Player 10. We’re planning to keep equal functions and API to make projects compilation easy for both players. So, after first 5.0 release we’ll release 5.0 FP10 too.

Here are earlier published demos with new drawing system without adaptive triangulation.

Bunker Temple

You have to have Flash Player 10 installed.