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How we spent time in LA at Adobe MAX 2010

As you know, Anton Volkov and me were absent since the 20th to the 30th of October. We spent these days in LA, visiting AdobeMAX conference. And now we’d like to share some details about our trip.


We had three main aims. The first — to know personally Adobe leads. The second — to present our report about 3D API «Molehill» for next Flash player. This API was officially announced at Adobe MAX General Session at the 25th of October. Finally, the third aim was to demonstrate our projects and technologies at the booth in Community Pavilion. And we can proudly declare that we have done everything we wanted to and came back home with lots of new interesting ideas and contacts.

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Alternativa3D 7

Alternativa3D v7 is available at the moment, terms of use are discussed in every certain case. The main criterion which influences the cost is the level of our involvement into the project. As practice proved, the engine has to be adjusted to the needs of each project (effects and picture vs performance, choice of certain features).

Update! Alternativa3D will be free for any use. Link to the pre-release version in comments.

For example, Alternativa3D 7 is successfully used in our project Tanki Online; the engine can also be used in projects with character animation.

If you decide to use Alternativa3D 7, send project description and short text about your team to — we will contact you and discuss the scheme of cooperation. Collaboration in investment search is also possible.

Technical information about Alternativa3D version 7:
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Red Keds — OnProduction

redkeds.gif Using Alternativa3D, Red Keds studio from Moscow managed to develop retrofuturistic project for OnProduction company.

Every user chooses one of musical instruments and enter spherical world, being able to move around, changing tone and timing of his sample. When the red ray passes, user plays the sample. There is a chat panel available to visitors, enabling them to probably try to create the “song”. The beat changes every hour.


New demos

Here some more Alternativa3D demos.

Mobile phone

+ Flash Player 10 version

An example of showing object in 3D. You can use objects details to create interaction. Say, phone buttons are working.

Casual game demo

Level 1
Level 2

Ballance game prototype. You control two balls by tilting the surface. Blue ball gets bonuses and must avoid red one. If red ball is touched, blue one becomes transparent. You can get life back by touching heart icon.

Painting appartaments

+ Flash Player 10 version

This demo shows new apartaments with concrete surfaces. You can choose textures by clicking surfaces.

Business trip to Croatia

You’ll probably be interested to know that from 19th ’till 23rd of September Volkov and Karpovich made a tour Perm-Moscow-Zagreb (Croatia). During the trip they made some negotiations with russian and foreign companies (too official — editor).

volkov_hrv.jpg karp_hrv.jpg

It’s early to talk about results (we’ll tell you soon), but what we can tell you is that they were about to irresponsibly cross the border with Slovenia (Shengen zone) using rental car. They were captured and released soon.