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New AlternativaPlayer features

AlternativaPlayer online 3D-models viewer has moved to a new version of the Alternativa3D 8.27.0 engine, geared with new features. The main innovation was the correct sorting of faces with transparency – they are drawn using alpha-test implemented in Alternativa3D 8.27.0. The benefits of correct sorting is clearly seen in the representation of trees. Listed below are the other innovations.

  • Increased the limit on the number of lights in the scene: 11 directional , 7 omni, and 5 spot for objects with vertex lighting and 12 directional, 8 omni and 6 spot for objects with the normal map.
  • Implemented importing animations from A3D format and export of animation into A3D format.

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Alternativa3D 8 is out in Open Source!

Friends, March 29, 2012 was an important event for the AlternativaPlatform company and, hopefully, for many of you too! After six years of close development an Alternativa3D 8 graphics Flash 3D engine is out in Open Source. The source code is published on the GitHub. With the opening of the source code in the history of Alternativa3D a new period begins. We hope that with the community support it will be developed faster and become more understandable and more accessible thanks to the growth of educational and analytical materials from different authors in different languages. By the way, such materials can be published in our Knowledge Base. For our part we will not stop developing and supporting the engine, meaning that ideas and suggestions are welcome – you can always leave them on our forum.

According to the updated license, any organization or individual is free to use the technology to their advantage. It is not necessary to put logos and other references to the AlternativaPlatform as the developer of Alternativa3D. Nevertheless, we are grateful if mentioned.

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“Dead Zone” – realtime MMORPG on Alternativa3D 8


We would like to present another project being developed using the graphics engine Alternativa3D 8. This is a multiplayer online role-playing game “Last Stand Dead Zone”. Game developer is the Con Artist Games (official site, the group in facebook) company. Currently the game is running in the Facebook as a continuation of a series of Last Stand. The project is developed by a team of three people (a programmer, game designer and artist).

The action of Last Stand Dead Zone occurs in the post-apocalyptic world after the epidemic virus that turned people into zombies. Those who are not infected, try to survive, using all available means. This includes three types of resources – wood, metal and fabric, as well as fuel (fuel), which serves as a virtual currency. It, in fact, the monetization of the project – the unit of fuel sold for real money.

Gameplay is based on the construction, the exploration of the world and, of course, battles with the Dead. You can manage your own game space and develop it. Building food and resource stocks, building domestic infrastructure, fences, etc. Exploring the surrounding areas, looking at their resources, artifacts and adventure – the zombies are not asleep. The characters, as usual, with time become stronger and also develop.

Interestingly, the game map shows the area of other users of Facebook, including your friends. You can help your friends or attack them.

The game is in beta version stage, and a number of features are not yet available. Nevertheless, it looks good already and deserves a “like”.

The server part is implemented by means of the Player.IO service. Visualization is supported by Alternativa3D 8 engine.


AlternativaPhysics 2.3.1 update: bugs are fixed, bodies are frozen

We’ve released a new version of the AlternativaPhysics library. In the version 2.3.1 you’ll find new function of bodies freezing. This increases performance in the scenes with a great amount of resting bodies. Also we fixed a few bugs from previous releases. You’ll find the most important additions below and a full change log in the archive with the library.

  • Realised automated freezing of resting bodies and their contacts.
  • Added the capability to freeze all scene objects.
  • Realised automated inertia tensor calculation for CollisionComposite.
  • Added new application functions.
  • Fixed bugs in functions.

Download AlternativaPhysics 2.3.1
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Alternativa3D 8.27.0 with shadows and alpha-test

Continuing this week’s long-awaited release of the new version of the engine Alternativa3D. It implements the shadow of the directional light needed, for example, to correct image shadows in the sunlight. We also added the ability to draw using the alpha-test technology, and the two-pass alpha-test. This solves the problem of sorting when rendering translucent objects such as leaves of trees.

In Alternativa3D 8.27.0 a total of more than thirty amendments were introduced. Their complete list is in the archive with the library, and the TOP-5 innovations are presented below.

  • Added the DirectionalLightShadow class to calculate shadows from the directional lighting source.
  • The material adds the ability to draw using alpha-test technology, and two-pass alpha-test.
  • Implemented the EnvironmentMaterial – a material with simulated reflection of the cubic texture.
  • In the material StandardMaterial was added the ability to use texture light map with a dynamic light.
  • Implemented importing animation from the binary A3D format.

Along with the engine has been updated plug-ins for 3DS Max 2010, 3DS Max 2011 and 3DS Max 2012.

Click on the picture to start the demonstration (Flash Player 11 required)

Download Alternativa3D 8.27.0
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Programming a 3D first-person shooter game in Alternativa3D

Video tutorial by Tom Krha describes how to create a simple 3D shooter in Alternativa3D 8. Learn more about how to build the next generation of action games with new the Flash Stage 3D API. This session will cover the key steps required to create an advanced first-person shooter gameplay, such as creating a scene and adding a person, movement, shooting, camera following, animations, and more, all in the context of 3D.
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AlternativaPhysics at your disposal!

Today on December the 20th of 2011 we successfully released the first public build of AlternativaPhysics engine. The technology is provided as SWC-library. You can use it free of charge even in commercial projects, but it is required to put a link to in your project.

AlternativaPhysics is a library for simulation of physics interaction of different bodies. It allows you to work with different geometric shapes and it is integrated with Alternativa3D for easy and convenient usage.

AlternativaPhysics features

Improved stability
Stability of different complex structures (stack, pyramid and others).

Maximum distance
Fixed distance
Ball-in-socket joint
Hinge joint

A wide variety of geometric shapes
Triangle, rectangle
Box, sphere
Cone, frustum, cylinder
Convex polyhedron
Hierarchical primitive
Triangular mesh

High performance
The engine is optimized for AS3.

Integration with Alternativa3D
Integration of graphical and physical representations in one object. Automatic updating of the physical scenes and images.

Native event system

Try AlternativaPhysics and tell what you think!

Launch demo
Download AlternativaPhysics
Read documentation
Check tutorials
Discuss AlternativaPhysics in official forum

Alternativa3D on the cover of Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine

Alternativa3D got on the cover of the digital magazine Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine!
One of the central themes of the December issue became our engine. In an article entitled “What is Alternativa3D” the training center consultant Yuri Maltsev talked about Alternativa3D and how to get started with our technology.

Read the December issue of Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine in PDF-format