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Social connections

There are no “friend-or-foe” automatics in Alternativa’s battle system. Playes chooses friends and enemies by himself/herself. You can “remember” other players with any names and set your “relationsip ratio”. If someone disturbs you, just select “Remember” from context menu and discrease the ratio. Next time when you see this player drunk and helpless, you will only have to choose the weapon.

Relationships with organizations use the same way. Say, street gang member may set the lowest level to “Police”, and see them fast with their dangerously red labels. Gangs will be red for policemen and this will prevent him/her from walking on a central well-patrolled streets.


Driving a car

Players use mouse to control the game. It is impossible to send mouse coordinates real-time because of traffic, so we have to pick control points in a click and go manner.

It is easy with avatars but more complex with cars. Here is a try mo code click and drive mechanism.


Steering system has some restrictions so sometimes it is not possible to get to the exact place.