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AlternativaPlatform at E3 2011

Better late than never! Check out our report about trip to E3 2011.

At the E3 2011 conference in Los Angeles we stood out by not organizing a large and anonymous exhibition, but instead by putting together a down-home and cozy booth. There we demonstrated Tanki Online 2.0’s early build as an example of the power and possibilities our technologies offer developers and players. We had six PCs and a local Tanki server. Our colleagues from Perm regularly updated the build, sending us SMS, such as «prepare to restart».

The entire demonstration ran on a browser, a fact which we had to continually remind visitors. People just couldn’t believe what we had actually accomplished and would call Flash Player menu to check. Then we blew away all the doubters with demonstrations launched on Android.

e3_00.jpg e3_0.jpg

This year we are taking every opportunity to inform the gaming community about Flash Player possibilities and the advantages our technologies offer game developers. We know our presentation at E3 was a success. Our 3D engine and server technology caught the interest of the big game companies and we are continuing to discuss new ways of cooperation with them. Cool!

e1_1.jpg e3_2.jpg

How our programmers shook up the AMC ICPC

We’ve become a frequent visitor to the US. The star trio of Volkov, Zykov and Karpovich departed to the E3 2011 conference in June, while earlier our programmer Mikhail Okunev visited Orlando. Misha, acting as coach, and his team participated in the final tour of the international programming tournament among students at ACM ICPC.

About 8,000 teams had registered for the first tour of ACM ICPC, but only 100 made it to the World Finals. The Perm State University team of Pavel Ponomarev, Dmitry Sergeev, Andrey Serovikov and coach Mikhail Okunev took 27th place! Our guys left in the dust some pretty serious competition, including Princeton University, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich and many others.

Participation in the World Finals required a deep knowledge in combinatorics, graph theory, probability theory, complexity, computational string theory, number theory, etc. Check out a couple of these tasks to get a feel for what we’re talking about.

1) You have a polygon with N vertices. Your task is to compute the smallest hole width through which a given polygon can pass. N <=100. 2) There are N mummies on the infinite grid. Each mummy tries to get a human and every turn will take one step in that human’s direction. Your placement and the placement of all the mummies are known. Create a program, which could calculate how long it takes for the mummies to reach the human. N <=100,000. The time limit for the program execution is about 2 seconds and straightforward simulation won’t count as a solution. Of course we don’t want to lose out on such promising young programmers who can with ease solve difficult tasks. So Pavel Ponomarev will soon join our team. He will develop AlternativaPhysics technology together with Mikhail Okunev.

AlternativaPlatform goes to E3 2011

Since June 7 till June 9 Alex Karpovich, Anton Volkov and Ivan Zykov will be defending pride and honor of AlternativaPlatform at E3 2011 conference in L.A. This time event is held in B2B format. At the conference we will represent Alternativa3D 8 engine, using browser-based MMO 3D-action Tanki Online 2.0 to demonstrate all the benefits of the technology. You can visit booth #2647 at South Hall to see everything with your eyes.

Learn more about AlternativaGUI at RAFPUG in Yekaterinburg

The endless snow fall is slowing down life in Perm, but programmer Anton Bragin and designer Mikhail Yarusov are not afraid of February weather. They are going to RAFPUG in Yekaterinburg.

This meeting of Flash-developers, animators and game-designers will be held on the 5th of February. Mikhail and Anton will make a report about AlternativaGUI. Check full event program and the list of speakers here.

Everybody can attend RAFPUG without any entry fee, but registration is required.

Indie Snow 2011 — weekend with sport and benefit

In the last weekend of January (29-30) there will be indie-developers conference Indi Snow 2011. It will take place at Abzakovo ski resort near Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk Region, South Ural). Alternativa LLC acts as a sponsor of this event. Besides, Alternativa team members will make a presentation at the conference.

Anton Bragin and Michail Yarusov will speak about difficulties and problem solving in GUI development. And of course they won’t miss a chance to ski and try other leisure activities. To read conference program, to register for participating and to learn other details, visit Indie Snow official site.

1 000 000 players in Tanki Online!

Past weekend, while we were celebrating upcoming New Year, something big happened in Tanki Online. The amount of registered users passed the mark in 1 000 000! Boyko_yaroslav became the millionth player so he gets a little present from us — flask and T-shirt with Tanki Online emblem.

Now we have more players than people in Montenegro in off-season and even more than amount of visible stars in the sky. And if every registered player gives us one dollar, we could by Ferrari!

Of course, we have not Ferrari yet, but we do have huge and rapidly growing united community with its own forum newspaper and rich interesting life. We congratulate all tankmen with our common success.

AlternativaPlatform goes to Kyiv

First weekend of December we’ll spend in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are going to taste bacon and dumplings (just’ve learned dumplings are not Ukrainian dish…) and to visit international FlashGAMM! conference. It will take place at 4th and the 5th of December in the 3rd pavilion of KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center.

Anton Volkov will read his «Digging into Molehill» session about new 3D API Molehill for the next Flash player. He will also demonstrate our progress in developing of Alternativa3D 8 engine with Molehill support. FlashGAMM! visitors will get an exciting opportunity to play MAX Racer. This racing mini-game was used by Adobe’s Molehill presentation at Adobe MAX 2010.

Andrey Kopysov, Vladimir Babushkin and Olga Danilova will teach a master class about Alternativa3D 7. This will help developers to know more about already existing Flash 3D technology. By the way, Alternativa3D 7 is free for any projects.

You can register for FlashGAMM! Kyiv 2010 at official website.

AlternativaPlatform won “Technical achievement” award at RFA! Again…

Because of Adobe MAX cares we almost forgot to share another one good news with you. But better late, than never! AlternativaPlatform once again (third time in a row) got «Technical achievements» award at Russian Flash Awards ceremony. Jury highly appraised our latest efforts in development of Alternativa3D technology intended for visualization of 3D graphics in Flash environment. At the you can get Alternativa3D 7 engine for free and watch videos of applications based on Alternativa3D 8.

And as a prize we got this thing…

Prize for