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AlternativaGUI 5.21.0 update

As we continue to improve the AlternativaGUI interface library, we released the 5.21.0 update. This version fixes bugs found earlier, and includes additional features. In particular, we have optimized the work of the interface and made it more user friendly by adding the flags for freezing the width and height of containers (freezeHeight and freezeWidth).

Major optimization was also undergone by classes GUIobject and TabPanel. In the last one we implemented such methods of the work with content of component as adding and deleting tabs with a content, receiving information about the number of tabs, upgrading components. The full list of changes and innovations can be found in the archive with the library.

Also please note that to simplify the interface, we removed the hint container from the initialization parameters. Now it is delivered through the setHintImaging method of the MouseManager class.

Download AlternativaGUI 5.21.0
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AlternativaGUI 5.18.1 update

We have optimized the interface library AlternativaGUI by implementing post-rendering. This will greatly speed up the rendering of objects when resizing the application window. However, it is better to see – experiment with an interactive demonstration.

In connection with the post-rendering there also has been amended the AlternativaGUI Default Theme. Just as a reminder, this is library with skinned components, which comes with a source code and is designed for rapid prototyping of the interface.

Added to AlternativaGUI 5.18.1

  • RedrawManager class, responsible for post-rendering

Changed in AlternativaGUI 5.18.1

  • Optimisation: speeded the library
  • ScrollPane: added getter for ScrollBar
  • Reimplemented Rollout
  • LabelTF: fixed a bug with align
  • LayoutManager: it changed since RedrawManager was added

Added to AlternativaGUI Default Theme 1.4.1

  • ScrollPaneWithScroller class
  • BorderContainer class
  • Cursors class
  • Custom cursors

Changed in AlternativaGUI Default Theme 1.4.1

  • Optimisation since it was added RedrawManager

AlternativaGUI overview
RedrawManager description

GUIobject and ActiveObject – the base classes
LayoutManager description

Tutorials and examples
Creating a text label
Creating a LOD button

Download AlternativaGUI 5.18.1

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AlternativaGUI 5.17.0 update

Interface creating library AlternativaGUI updated to version 5.17.0.
In this version we realized classes RadioButton and CheckBox and fixed bugs in classes List and Tree. Also we made other changes and fixes.


  • Added a class Logo.
  • Added RadioButton class.
  • Added class CheckBox.
  • List: Appeared property scrollBarSpace – the gap between content and scrollbar.


  • List: Fixed search by letter.
  • List, Tree: Fixed a bug with the work of cursor control keys from the keyboard.
  • Tree: when you click on a folder the item is now selected.
  • CheckBox: Fixed a problem with the size during creation.
  • ScrollPane: Fixed a bug that appears due to the absence of the ScrollBar.
  • TabPanel: Getters and setters appeared to selectTab – the index of selected tab.
  • DropDownMenu in AlternativaGUIDefaultTheme 1.3.0: Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor does not allocate objects in a given menu.

Download AlternativaGUI 5.17.0.

AlternativaGUI – an easy way to create an integrated interface

A library for creating user interfaces AlternativaGUI has been published. Download it from the official website of AlternativaPlatform company in GUI section. The library is free and can easily be used, including in commercial projects. According to the license agreement you only need to specify in the project the page link

AlternativaGUI provides greater flexibility in terms of creating new components or modifications of existing interface, which is achieved by using only the core classes. The library offers a wide range of user interface elements such as buttons, containers, container line, scrollbar, tools for working with raster graphics and more.

AlternativaGUI Features

  • High performance
    Performance is achieved by the efficient work of all components of the interface in a single system. At the base classes implement only the required functional, hence the low consumption of resources.
  • Flexibility
    The library allows to create various graphics and can control their properties. Simplicity and clarity of API library allows you to extend all the classes are very easy to add and it is so functional that you need.
  • LOD elements
    AlternativaGUI allows you to develop an interface for different screen resolutions. This is accomplished by using different LODs for UI-elements (LOD – Level Of Details) and the correct scaling (for components with raster graphics). Each element has several LOD graphics states. When switching LOD may change the font size, icon size, can be hidden unimportant elements or, conversely, offers additional information. This logic is described by the developer. LOD switching is automatic. A special use of LOD is the development of interfaces for mobile devices with different screen resolutions.
  • The quickness of creating unique component
    Through the use of base classes, the creation and management component runs on a deeper level. Base classes do not contain any graphics, and determine only the logic of the components.
  • User friendly API
    Working with components AlternativaGUI is like working with the standard classes such as Sprite.

For rapid prototyping interface was developed the skinned library AlternativaGUI Default Theme, which contains the basic components. This library is available with source code.

Download AlternativaGUI
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As you probably know, interface is one of the important parts that let user interact with the system. Here is a small demo, a working example ouf our GUI library, which is being developed for “Alterernativa Platform”.


Size: 0,56 Mb

Main features:

  • fast and useful windows-based interface system;
  • working “hotkeys” , Tab support;
  • easy-to-develop “skins” with “on the fly skins switching” (including cursor);
  • fast builder, full control of window components;
  • all other base windows-based interface functions (snap, drag’n’drop, resize etc.);
  • smooth ability to revision and add functionality.

Mobile phone

Players will be able to communicate not only by chat, but via mobile devices too (mobile phones, walkie-talkies, or pager).

Here is the demo. As you can see, it has all the basic functions of an cheap average phone (including signal level). You can activate the phone and then say something using chat panel. Yes, we can make real rich-boy phone with camera, streaming audio, and melodies, but we don’t need it right now.

Сотовый телефон