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Tanki Online in the media

As part of our efforts to promote Tanki in Europe (and beyond), we got together with a PR agency to run two online conferences with foreign journalists. The goal was to meet representatives of foreign gaming media and let them see the game through our eyes. The participants were treated to a short description of gaming opportunities, a live battle demonstration, and the chance to check out most of the guns and hulls in action, after which the journalists decided what they liked most and went to war against each other. The event wrapped up with time for discussion, questions, and answers. All in all, everything went well, and the journalists loved the game and our plans for the future, even drawing attention to the aspects of the game we ourselves have always stressed. As of the moment this note is published we have four publications, all of them good reads.

GamesJamKanobu 2014


AlternativaPlatform was a general partner of #GamesJamKanobu, an open festival in the gaming industry that was held from January 31 to March 1, 2014. The goal of the festival was to help talented artists, designers, and programmers transform themselves into professional game developers, while also helping young existing teams hook into the gaming community. It was the first time such a large and open event had been held in Russia or the CIS.

In addition to the monetary prize we provided, Autodesk and Unity Technologies offer winners licenses for their products (Maya, Maya LT, Smoke, Unity Pro), while Autodesk also offers free access to Maya certification and DevGAMM offers tickets to its next developer conference (to be held in Moscow on May 15-16, 2014).The festival received legal support from Ekaterina Nemova, an independent lawyer in the gaming industry.

The festival got underway with #GamesNightMoscow on January 31, 2014.

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“Dead Zone” – realtime MMORPG on Alternativa3D 8


We would like to present another project being developed using the graphics engine Alternativa3D 8. This is a multiplayer online role-playing game “Last Stand Dead Zone”. Game developer is the Con Artist Games (official site, the group in facebook) company. Currently the game is running in the Facebook as a continuation of a series of Last Stand. The project is developed by a team of three people (a programmer, game designer and artist).

The action of Last Stand Dead Zone occurs in the post-apocalyptic world after the epidemic virus that turned people into zombies. Those who are not infected, try to survive, using all available means. This includes three types of resources – wood, metal and fabric, as well as fuel (fuel), which serves as a virtual currency. It, in fact, the monetization of the project – the unit of fuel sold for real money.

Gameplay is based on the construction, the exploration of the world and, of course, battles with the Dead. You can manage your own game space and develop it. Building food and resource stocks, building domestic infrastructure, fences, etc. Exploring the surrounding areas, looking at their resources, artifacts and adventure – the zombies are not asleep. The characters, as usual, with time become stronger and also develop.

Interestingly, the game map shows the area of other users of Facebook, including your friends. You can help your friends or attack them.

The game is in beta version stage, and a number of features are not yet available. Nevertheless, it looks good already and deserves a “like”.

The server part is implemented by means of the Player.IO service. Visualization is supported by Alternativa3D 8 engine.


Toyota IQ & Alternativa3D

Moscow company «Brandstudio» developed promo-site which is devoted to a new urban car model Toyota — IQ and in which our engine Alternativa3D was used.

This is a unique example of how to use 3D in website navigation. In the heart of it is a simplified simulator of a car: driving the small but smart IQ the user can view sections of the site just approaching them.

Toyota IQ

Typical features of the site: the user gets information about Toyota IQ dynamics simply using navigation, in other words, on a native level. One can’t exclude the gaming side of the navigation – view of the site becomes a jovial and pleasant occupation. Rolls and skidding of the car during big turns look rather realistic!