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Website of a wine boutique “Wine collection”

A website of the wine boutique “Wine collection” which is located in Perm has been launched. The site contains a virtual tour created with Alternativa3D. Remarkable thing is we have completely copied the interior of the boutique’s trading hall and placement of the products. A convenient navigation has been created: to find a certain region’s wines you can come to the map on the wall, select the region, click on it and in short time you’ll be at the right shelving. Hard liquors can be found by searching in the catalog on the table. Of course you can also just walk through the hall, clicking on the shelves.

To enter the virtual boutique click here:


Tanki Online — open test

Almost a month has passed from the closed beta launch. There was about 600 testers who have discovered more than 200 bugs and helped us a lot by making notes and suggestions. Nevertheless, there’s still much work to do. We have plenty of ideas and of course there are bugs to fix. We’ll work hard on all this stuff during next months.

Now, we invite you to participate in open test of Tanki Online! — Virtual lobby for one of the best Flash-casinos online with Alternativa3D

We are glad to feature new project from our partners Zther This top-quality project use Alternativa3D to create different walkable virtual space experience.

Joel Caballero from Zther Interactive agreed to give us a short interview on Alternativa3D usage for the project:
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WAR.RU — new multiplayer browser game using Alternativa3D

We’d like to congratulate our partners, Q1 company on reaching open beta of WAR.RU game development. It uses Alternativa3D for displaying game world and travelling. The game invites players to choose one of three races and join endless war between fractions, delivering old-fashioned dungeon crawling yet freshly implemented gameplay, all that right in browser.

Exey Panteleev, Flash-developer from Q1, has a story about Alternativa3D usage for you:
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