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Pavel Ponomarev – the 1st!

The first elimination round for Yandex.Algorithm 2014 was held on the 1st Ponomarev dominated, walking away the victory!

He elected to go for the riskiest tactic in the competition, blindly sending all his assignments to be checked (this offers the fewest penalty deductions, but each mistake is deadly) at a feverish pace. He was right on the money: they were all very well done, leaving the rest of the participants churning in his wake. There are still two elimination rounds to go, but Pavel does not have to join them, he is already guaranteed at TOP 25 finish that will land him in the final to be held in Berlin.

Tanki Online team comes in Germany

We decided after our successful fall meeting with German Tanki Online players that it’s worth making the experiment as a tradition. The new meeting will be held on June 27-29 at a camp complex in the great city of Wildflecken, and we expect it to be attended by about 40-50 members of the German community.

One important and eagerly anticipated part of the meeting will be a presentation given by the developers in which we will discuss the high points of the past year, what is going on now, and what we plan for the future. In addition, Julia Gilyova (tech support specialist) will talk about the tough life of those who work on resolving player issues. We also have exclusive t-shirts designed especially for this meeting.

The developer team will include:
Community managers Mariya Trusevich, Valery Schumann, and Nikolay Kolotov, in addition to Julia Gilyova, a tech support specialist.

First experience with remote work

It has been ten days since a small team of server developers started working remotely. We picked a small city called Paralimni on Cyprus where we rented a villa to serve as a work zone.

Alexey Kviring:

— Here is how our schedule works: we get to work at around 8 am every day and stick with it until one or two, taking a break for a small breakfast. At one we have lunch at a restaurant, and then head to the beach for a couple hours for volleyball, swimming, etc. At four we get back and work until eight or nine, after which it’s every man for himself. The upside of working like this is the quiet, as no one pulls you away from your work, as well as the change of scenery and flexible schedule. We haven’t found any real downsides, with the minor exception of how far restaurants are—everything at the main office is very close. We were able to get into a groove with work right away, and there haven’t been any technical issues, seeing as how the company is set up for this sort of thing.

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Alternativa3D update and A3D format specification

In the new version we added 3DS format parser, the method of finding a ray intersects with an object of Mesh type and realised export to the binary format.
Download Alternativa3D 8 engine.

A3D binary format now supports the objects of Skin type and the light sources.
Download format specification.
Download 3DS Max 2010 plugins for exporting to A3D format.
Download 3DS Max 2011 plugins for exporting to A3D format.

Also we made changes in the model viewer

New in Alternativa3D 8.17.0:

  • ParserA3D: added the import of objects of Skin type and the import of light sources;
  • Added Parser3DS class for import models from 3DS format;
  • Added intersectRay() – The method of finding a ray intersects with an object of Mesh type;
  • Added AxisAlignedSprite class to display plane oriented along one axis to the camera;
  • Export to the binary format A3D is supported;
  • Added debug mode displaying of objects bounds;
  • Added primitive Plane;
  • GeoSphere primitive has normals and tangents of vertices after creation;
  • Normalmaps supported with left-sided system of coordinates in StandardMaterial.

Changed in Alternativa3D 8.17.0:

  • Decal: removed the offset property and changed the logic of work;
  • StandardMaterial: fixed a bug with lighting of some light sources;
  • FillMaterial: color in construstor is grey by default now;
  • Box: constructor is optimized;
  • Box: fixed a bug in the cloning of the primitive. Surfaces is not duplicated now;
  • WireFrame.getResources() allows parameter resourceType now.

Changed in model viewer:

  • Saving settings of export and publications in SharedObjects;
  • Automatic dividing of the skin with large quantity of bones;
  • Various improvements to the interface, fixed bugs.

Alternativa3D tutorials for newbies

New Alternativa3D tutorials were published on wiki:

These tutorials were made for newbies. They teach you how to create simple projects on AS3 using Alternativa3D 8.

Also, two tutorials about connecting Alternativa3D ( version 7 and 8 ) to the best knowns IDEs were published on wiki:

Alternativa3D 8.12.0 update with support for Flash Player 11 Beta 2

To your attention we introduce the new public engine build Alternativa3D 8.12.0 which supports the Flash Player 11 Beta 2. So this version of the engine is completely compatible with the latest Flash Player build at the present moment. We have also accelerated the mouse events system and added the orthographic mode to the camera.

Complete list of changes

  •   The public version Flash Player 11 Beta 2 is now supported.
  •   The orthographic mode has been added to the Camera3D.
  •   The MouseEvent system has been optimized and accelerated.
  •   Logo “AlternativaPlatform” has been updated.
  •   Now when objects are added and removed from the parent, the event will be sent (Event3D.ADDED, Event3D.REMOVED).
  •   The ability to change the property renderToBitmap into View after creating has been added.
  •   The height and width of the View has been limited to the minimum size of 50×50.
  •   Bug in mouse events system when used skins divided on surfaces by divide() was fixed.
  •   A bug has been fixed in Decal.
  •   Skin lighting algorithm changed to more precise one.
  •   ParserCollada: Fixed a bug when binormal vector of the vertices of the object was incorrectly parsed.
  •   The value of backgroundAlpha in the View constructor changed to 1.0 by default.
  •   VertexLightTextureMaterial now draws correctly without lights in scene.
  •   MouseEvent3D was moved from alternativa.engine3d.core to
  •   A bug has been fixed in Object3D.dispatchEvent().
  •   The offset property has been added to the constructor Decal and it is compulsory.
  •   Now the offset property can be copied using the clone () method of class Decal.
  •   The ratio property has been removed from View class.
  •   VertexLightTextureMaterial now can be used with skin with the maximum number of bones in surface no more than 33.

Download Alternativa3D 8.12.0.

AlternativaPlatform at E3 2011

Better late than never! Check out our report about trip to E3 2011.

At the E3 2011 conference in Los Angeles we stood out by not organizing a large and anonymous exhibition, but instead by putting together a down-home and cozy booth. There we demonstrated Tanki Online 2.0’s early build as an example of the power and possibilities our technologies offer developers and players. We had six PCs and a local Tanki server. Our colleagues from Perm regularly updated the build, sending us SMS, such as «prepare to restart».

The entire demonstration ran on a browser, a fact which we had to continually remind visitors. People just couldn’t believe what we had actually accomplished and would call Flash Player menu to check. Then we blew away all the doubters with demonstrations launched on Android.

e3_00.jpg e3_0.jpg

This year we are taking every opportunity to inform the gaming community about Flash Player possibilities and the advantages our technologies offer game developers. We know our presentation at E3 was a success. Our 3D engine and server technology caught the interest of the big game companies and we are continuing to discuss new ways of cooperation with them. Cool!

e1_1.jpg e3_2.jpg