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3DS Max 2011 plugin at your disposal

We have added new 3DS Max plugins, including one for 2011 edition, at 3D-engine section of AlternativaPlatform official site.

Changes and additions
– We realized 3DS Max 2011 support.
– We added export tangents for first uv-channel option to A3D export plugin.
– specularColor slot is now used for specular map export to A3D. If there is not texture in specularColor slot, then specularLevel slot is used.
– Error with boundbox export in A3D export plugin was fixed.

Download 3DS Max 2010 plugin

Download 3DS Max 2011 plugin

New versions of Alternativa3D 7 and Alternativa3D 8 are available

Finally, we have updated versions of Alternativa3D 7 and Alternativa3D 8 engines. We have added EllipsoidCollider class for continuous collision detection, upgraded materials API and fixed a few bugs. Please, check full change list below. Also, snatching at a chance, we’d like to inform you, that new tutorials are available at

Alternativa3D 8.8.0

– TextureMaterial, VertexLightMaterial, LightmapMaterial now supports the map-transparency and alpha property.
– Added EllipsoidCollider class for continuous collision detection.
– Added Decal class for detalization of texture on models.
– WireFrame class was added.
– New class SkyBox was added.
– StandardMaterial supports Object-space normal maps now.
– StandardMaterial supports glossiness maps now.
– Property alwaysOnTop was added in the Sprite.
– clone() method was added to Skin.
– concatenatedMatrix property was added in Object3D.
– Primitive Box contains vertex tangents now.
– ParserA3D: glossiness and opacity maps are supported now.
– Parsing of Skin with animation from collada was fixed.
– ParserCollada: a bug, when model without vertex normals parsed, was fixed.
– Lighting in StandartMaterial, VertexLightMaterial, when models have non-identity scale, was fixed.
– View can be any size now without throwing exceptions.
– Mouse events work properly now after creating the View with zero width or height.
– Bug with culling of scaled objects in camera frustum was fixed.
– A bug in dispose() method of Geometry class was fixed.
– DirectionalLight: bug with wrong light direction after parsing from Collada was fixed.
– ParserA3D: bug with wrong textures assignment was fixed.
– ParserA3D: vertex tangents are supported now.
– ParserA3D: bug, when Geometry methods worked incorrectly on a parsed model, was fixed.
– FileTextureResource: after a repeated call to upload() the resource is not destroyed now.
– FileTextureResource: you can get and set the texture data now.
– FileTextureResource renamed to ExternalTextureResource.
– ColladaMaterial renamed to ParserMaterial.
– Surface: owner property renamed to object.
– Geometry: findVertexBufferByAttribute renamed to findVertexStreamByAttribute.
– Sprite3D: StandartMaterial and VertexLightMaterial are not supported with it now.
– Fillmaterial: the color property has uint type now.

Download Alternativa3D 8.8.0.

Alternativa3D 7.8.0

– Bug with the splitter in BspContainer was fixed.
– 3D symbols are added to the values of the static constants of class MouseEvent3D.
– Bug with the work of a parser Collada in player 10.0.32 was fixed.
– AverageLightMaterial: we added special property to set influence of shading based on angle between light source and camera direction.

Download Alternativa3D 7.8.0.

Interactive showcases of Tanki Online 2.0 on Alternativa3D 8 with Molehill support

At the E3 2011 conference in LA we used two interactive Tanki Online 2.0 showcases to demonstrate possibilities of Alternativa3D technology. These showcases are build on Alternativa3D 8 engine with Molehill 3D API support. They show the level of graphics in browser-based projects and social network applications which is reachable already today.

Now everybody can check these demos himself. Meet “Tanki Online 2.0 — Arena” and “Tanki Online 2.0 — Crash”.
NB: don’t forget to download beta-version of Flash Player 11.

Tanki Online 2.0 — Arena (56 MB)

Tanki Online 2.0 — Crash (137 MB)

Happy New Year, friends!

Greetings, friends! In these last days of outgoing year Alternativa LLC sincerely wishes you a Happy New Year and wants to share a few interesting news with you .

We made it! Alternativa3D engine is already available in version 7.6.0 — before the New Year! We added EllipsoidCollider class for collision detection and new animation system with Tree Blending Animation in new version. We also added property useHandCursor to Object3D and autoSize to Sprite3D. Complete list of additions and innovations is published here in blog. You can download 7.6.0 upgrade for Alternativa3D from official site. In the next versions we are going to realize lightning. We will also complement future versions with physics library.

At the same time we extensively work on Alternativa3D 8 with hardware 3D API Molehill support for the next Flash player. It will be highly performative engine displaying 3 000 000 polygons with 60 FPS on modern graphics cards. It’ll also support pixel and vertex shaders, particle system, atmospheric effects (fog, dynamic sky, clouds) and posteffects (blur, luminescence etc.). The engine will be released with the start of the next Flash player open beta-test in Spring of 2011. Alternativa3D 8 will be complemented with an editor.

We hope that our work makes your professional life easier, richer, brighter and more interesting. And we wish you new achievements in technological front and a lot of interesting events. Always be on the high horse and among the pioneers on the undiscovered paths of IT-industry. Happy New Year, friends!

1 000 000 players in Tanki Online!

Past weekend, while we were celebrating upcoming New Year, something big happened in Tanki Online. The amount of registered users passed the mark in 1 000 000! Boyko_yaroslav became the millionth player so he gets a little present from us — flask and T-shirt with Tanki Online emblem.

Now we have more players than people in Montenegro in off-season and even more than amount of visible stars in the sky. And if every registered player gives us one dollar, we could by Ferrari!

Of course, we have not Ferrari yet, but we do have huge and rapidly growing united community with its own forum newspaper and rich interesting life. We congratulate all tankmen with our common success.

AlternativaPlatform goes to Adobe MAX 2010

According to establishing tradition, we’re taking our chance to party with Adobe and to read an interesting session in English. This year we have only one Adobe MAX in L.A., 23-27 of October.

Volkov and Karpovich will read a session about next Flash player, toghether with Rob Bateman from Away3D, and will show some working applications. Zykov will welcome bosses of different companies at our cozy exibitor stand in convention center.

Partnership is cool or we are strong together!

Alternativa company doesn’t only create innovative technologies and games based on them, but also gladly cooperates with other developers. Our strategic partnership with Chelyabinsk company iHeroes is a wonderful example of such cooperation. With our help iHeroes works on 3D browser aquarium game for social networks using Alternativa Platform technologies.

Aqua 3D is the next step in the evolution of virtual fishes breeding games. In the Aqua you enter fully 3D underwater world with the huge amount of different fish variations. There are 759 375 combinations available! And you can play with any fish and even interbreed it with other fish. For example, you can interbreed your fish with the fish of your friend from social network. Aqua 3D combines a few different genres: it is a life simulator, puzzle and even action at the same time.

That is how it looks like:

Aqua 3D got its start in life due to close cooperation between Alternativa and iHeroes. And we are ready to build business relations with other potential partners, especially now, when the engine Alternativa3D 7 is ready and it allows to create online games of any genre on Flash. We’ve already told you about its great possibilities. We can also offer unique client-server solution AlternativaCore to our partners. It strongly simplifies and speeds up development of a real-time browser online game.

3D is coming to social networks!

It’s not a secret that Alternativa company is working on new in-house and partner projects. One of them is the next generation of «Tanki Online».

This fall we will launch «Tanki Online 2.0» for social networks. In future the game will appear in My.Mail.Ru, Vkontakte and Facebook. It’ll be possible to play from any of these social networks and from website simultaneously. All users enter the same game space no matter where they come from.

New graphics is attached. We’ve completely changed lighting system so now you can hide tanks in the shadow and fight on night arenas. We’ve also animated track layers, added camera shaking effect, modernized interface greatly and prepared a lot of other cool stuff.

Entering social space we could not forget about socialization. User profiles, player’s reputation, achievements system and other social features will allow tankmen to communicate with each other more actively. At last we could do something interesting in Vkontakte :-)

«Tanki Online 2.0» in action:

This is how new interface looks like:

“iHeroes” visit Perm

During the last weekend our friends and business partners from Chelyabinsk, company “iHeroes”, visited Perm. The purpose of the trip was studying of AlternativaPlatform technology. During the visit our specialists gave several masterclasses and lectures for “Heroes”.

Vladimir Babushkin – the leading developer of Alternativa3D — tells about the peculiarities of the library.

Alexey Kviring (server programmer) opens the “inner sanctum” to the partners — our platform.

The guests seemed to be longing for new information and got from our specialists as much knowledge as possible. This is not surprising at all: their project is entering the active phase of development.