FlashGamm Moscow 2012

Last week in Moscow, the Flash Gamm’12 conference successfully ended.
The conference had about 800 attendees. Our company was represented by:

  • The producer of the “Tanki Online” project and CTO of AlternativaPlatform Anton Volkov who in the “History of mistakes of a successful project” presentation, told about the inevitable problems in the life of an ambitious online game and about experience we got from them.
  • Training Center Manager Mikhail Sukhoterin and Software Engineer Andrey Andreev shared their experiences on the use of Stage3D on mobile platforms in report “Flash 3D on mobile? That’s easy!”
  • Chief Marketing Officer Roman Epishin had several meetings with partners.

Also on our stand, we provided the opportunity to play in Tanki Online on tablet computers and on a typical computer. Continue reading FlashGamm Moscow 2012

Sharing experiences at FlashGAMM 2012

On Thursday, May 17, in the “Cosmos” Moscow hotel is to be held the FlashGAMM Moscow 2012 conference. This annual event is dedicated to the publishers and developers of Flash-, mobile and social games. We have traditionally been the sponsor of the conference (visit our stand in the “platinum” zone) and are preparing two cognitive reports.

The producer of the “Tanki Online” project and CTO of AlternativaPlatform Anton Volkov in the session “Mistakes story of a successful project” will speak about the inevitable problems in the life of an ambitious online game and about experience we got of them. You are invited on May 17 at 12:00 in the “Vecherny Cosmos” Hall.

And on the same day at 16:00 in the “Galactica 1-2″ hall there will be the “Flash 3D on mobile? That’s easy!” report. In it, Software Engineer Andrey Andreev and AlternativaPlatform Training Center Manager Michael Sukhoterin will share their experiences on the use of Stage3D on mobile platforms.

See you at FlashGAMM!

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Graphics acceleration using Flash Player 11

In 2011 the Flash Player 11 was released with support graphics acceleration on the graphics card. Prior to that, all calculations were performed on the CPU, and developers had to put up with a restriction on the number of triangles, etc.The Tanki Online Game was developed on the Alternativa3D 7 engine under Flash Player 10 and the average FPS players have been 20-25. To speed up the schedule, we decided to make the game support Flash Player 11. And that’s what happened:

Without hardware acceleration:

With hardware acceleration:

To improve the graphics you need to install Adobe Flash Player 11, update the graphics driver and Flash Player settings to enable hardware acceleration.

Unfortunately, the Linux operating system does not support this functionality, so that is why it will not increase FPS.

Also on the Adobe website there is a list of video cards that do not currently support hardware acceleration of Flash Player.

AlternativaGUI 5.21.0 update

As we continue to improve the AlternativaGUI interface library, we released the 5.21.0 update. This version fixes bugs found earlier, and includes additional features. In particular, we have optimized the work of the interface and made it more user friendly by adding the flags for freezing the width and height of containers (freezeHeight and freezeWidth).

Major optimization was also undergone by classes GUIobject and TabPanel. In the last one we implemented such methods of the work with content of component as adding and deleting tabs with a content, receiving information about the number of tabs, upgrading components. The full list of changes and innovations can be found in the archive with the library.

Also please note that to simplify the interface, we removed the hint container from the initialization parameters. Now it is delivered through the setHintImaging method of the MouseManager class.

Download AlternativaGUI 5.21.0
Tutorials and documentation

New AlternativaPlayer features

AlternativaPlayer online 3D-models viewer has moved to a new version of the Alternativa3D 8.27.0 engine, geared with new features. The main innovation was the correct sorting of faces with transparency – they are drawn using alpha-test implemented in Alternativa3D 8.27.0. The benefits of correct sorting is clearly seen in the representation of trees. Listed below are the other innovations.

  • Increased the limit on the number of lights in the scene: 11 directional , 7 omni, and 5 spot for objects with vertex lighting and 12 directional, 8 omni and 6 spot for objects with the normal map.
  • Implemented importing animations from A3D format and export of animation into A3D format.

Launch AlternativaPlayer

Alternativa3D 8 is out in Open Source!

Friends, March 29, 2012 was an important event for the AlternativaPlatform company and, hopefully, for many of you too! After six years of close development an Alternativa3D 8 graphics Flash 3D engine is out in Open Source. The source code is published on the GitHub. With the opening of the source code in the history of Alternativa3D a new period begins. We hope that with the community support it will be developed faster and become more understandable and more accessible thanks to the growth of educational and analytical materials from different authors in different languages. By the way, such materials can be published in our Knowledge Base. For our part we will not stop developing and supporting the engine, meaning that ideas and suggestions are welcome – you can always leave them on our forum.

According to the updated license, any organization or individual is free to use the technology to their advantage. It is not necessary to put logos and other references to the AlternativaPlatform as the developer of Alternativa3D. Nevertheless, we are grateful if mentioned.

Go to the source code
Discuss on the forum